Mistakes Women When Exercising

Many women exercise regularly in order to have the ideal body shape and fit, but many are often unaware of their mistakes when exercising.

Due to time constraints, many women hurry to finish this exercise and make exercise without proper heating. In fact, the warm-up session to help warm the blood stream so that a person avoid muscle injury.

Mistakes Women When Exercising
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Make sure you stretch before exercising, yatu basic exercises are very simple. Just like warming up, stretching can make a person avoid injury, quotes Boldsky.

Another mistake is to practice in the center kebugaan with an empty stomach. This is very risky, because when you exercise your body will break down and use food as fuel during exercise.

Make sure you consume healthy foods contain carbohydrates and a little protein. Give 30 minutes for the body to digest food, and start exercising.

Women most often make this mistake, using new shoes for exercise.

Sports shoes does help a person while exercising so take comfortable shoes and supple.

New shoes sometimes still a little stiff and your feet are still adapting to the shape of the shoe. It can make your feet blisters and pain in the knee and back

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